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This site and it's TO-DO list | Michel Greijmans

This site and it's list

Published: 29-09-2013 | Author: Michel Greijmans

So this is it, this is my blog/website where I will keep you posted on my projects, and findings. This isn't the first time I've attempted to start a blog, unfortunately keeping up with it is more of a difficulty as it's hard for me to find the time and inspiration some times to write about things.

Aside from that I've also written this CMS (Content Management System) from the ground up, and it's far from done.

However this time I've created a list with topics I'm going to write about.

Exploring FLOW Curaçao's Network

Since I, and allot of my clients switched to FLOW I've gained allot of experience and knowledge. In this post I'll handle lot's of aspects of their network.

FLOW: And the Mystery of the Upload

In this post I will discuss the problem I'm facing at home (with my consumer subcription) regarding my lackingupload speed.

Uncovering the TeleCuracao Stream

As some of you may have read on my Facebook, last week I've discovered that TeleCuracao has an iOS and Android App that allows users to watch TeleCuracao via their mobile device. After some poking around with the app I've managed to uncover the stream's URL, which then allowed me to embed this stream on a webpage allowing unrestricted and free access to TeleCuracao's stream via any webbrowser in the world. In this post I will explain how, and why I did what I did.

Skempi: A Secure Music Streaming Platform?

A new local music streaming platform called Skempi has gone BETA. This platform aims to provide it's users with a database of local music, by local groups and artists, in a fair and secure way. However, do they live up to their promise?