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Michel Greijmans | Official Website

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Keep in mind that my website is under construction, I'm writing this CMS from the ground up.


This site is outdated and in need of new content and a fresh look. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Michel Greijmans

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I'm Michel Greijmans, a Network and Systems Engineer on the beautiful island of Curaçao. This is my website where I share my findings, frustrations, and research.

Unblocking on Flow and UTS

Published: 16-12-2015 | Author: Michel Greijmans

WOW-TV is a application that can be installed on a Roku device allowing access to hundreds of live television streams from all over the world. This service requires a subscription of about $20 a month. The legality of this service however remains "unknown". Over the weekend Flow Curacao (Columbus Networks) has taken measures to block this application, not long after UTS decided join them. In this post I describe how to by-pass this blockade.

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Skempi: the MP3's

Published: 04-10-2013 | Author: Michel Greijmans

As I began explaining in the previous article, Skempi's platform tried to do their best when it comes to protecting the MP3's. Unfortinately getting them is still quite easy given you have the correct tools.

To be fair, the website is still in BETA, so there is still a chance that the "hole" I'm going to expose today is going to be patched. The hole isn't very big, they did their best protecting the files from hotlinking by utilizing sessions and random file URL's. Example of an error when using an expired/hotlinked file/URL:

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Explaining the

The problem that I'm going to talk about in this article is that the site utilizes HTML5 to play MP3's. These MP3 files are downloaded to your browser's temporary cache, where it's stored for a limited time. Using debugging tools, or addon's like FlashGot you can retreive the MP3 file while it's (being) cached.

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Skempi: Streaming platform for Local Artists?

Published: 03-10-2013 | Author: Michel Greijmans

Recently the streaming platform Skempi went BETA. Skempi is music streaming platform for the Dutch Caribbean. They are attempting to build a musical library with music both new and old from Aruba, Curaçao, St. Maarten, the BES-Islands and Suriname.

Once signed up you can freely browse, search and listen to local music. The site also offers the functionality to create and share your own playlists. If you've signed up using your Facebook profile you can also see your friends activity on the site.

For the fact that the site is still in BETA I must admit that I'm quite impressed by the size of their collection. You'll find a huge variety of groups, bands and ganres. To my surprize I was able to find almost complete collections of groups like Area 51, Cache Deluxe, DJ NRG, Dreams, Enmeris, K-Liber4Life, Immorales, NSTYPLY, and many many more.

To my big surprize I found almost all Festival di Tumba songs till up to 2010, but also children's groups like Angelitos:

I highly recommend everyone to take a look at this project. I think it's a beautiful idea, and it's very nicely being executed.

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caused by Telia (TeliaSonera)

Published: 01-10-2013 | Author: Michel Greijmans

We monitor our clients from a server located in the US (NYC to be specific), our monitoring server monitors our clients' servers ever minute for many system services and uptime. For months now have I noticed that clients connected via a UTS connection are continuously facing "downtimes" (sometimes for hours, if not days), without actually being down (as I was still able to log in remotely, via RDP, (web)mail, and ssh).

Proof #1:

After doing a bit if research I've noticed, mainly tracerouting, I've noticed a recurring similarity across clients. Packets would disappear/drop somewhere in the US (in my case). To be very specific: packets would drop on Telia (TeliaSonera) routes.

To prove I supply you with the below traceroute/MTR results. The below graphs I will show are 2 clients monitored from our (same) monitoring server in NYC. Both servers are connected via a UTS (Business) ADSL/VDSL Internet connection. Server 1 (Blue) is on the "East" of the island, Server 2 (Red) is on the west side of the island.

Graph: 48 Hours

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This site and it's list

Published: 29-09-2013 | Author: Michel Greijmans

So this is it, this is my blog/website where I will keep you posted on my projects, and findings. This isn't the first time I've attempted to start a blog, unfortunately keeping up with it is more of a difficulty as it's hard for me to find the time and inspiration some times to write about things.

Aside from that I've also written this CMS (Content Management System) from the ground up, and it's far from done.

However this time I've created a list with topics I'm going to write about.

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